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Friday, 09 September 2016 16:24

Thoughts from our new wine curator James Krajewski...

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As a boy my father would occasionally offer me a sip of wine as he had a fondness for the libation, which stemmed from his years in the restaurant and catering industry. He is easily one of my favorite people to talk wine with and I am grateful to him for sparking my interest in the world’s most fascinating beverage.


The most important characteristic a wine can express is the land from which it hails. After all, it is the sun,soil, and individual micro-climate of that region which makes it unique. Consequently, the greatest wines also reflect the history, family values, and blood sweat and tears of the generations who have poured their hearts into producing this precious beverage. The winemaker is not an artist or creationist, but rather a facilitator of the beautiful produce the earth has given, ensuring that it reaches its fullest potential.

As a native New Mexican, my passion for food and wine is derived from over ten years working in restaurants, wine sales, and a winery in Albuquerque. After three years in the Bay area, tasting daily, and receiving a profound appreciation for the great wines of the world, I cannot express enough my joy in returning home.


Upon my return to New Mexico, as I was enjoying time as a stay-at-home dad, I learned that Farm & Table was looking for a wine curator. The stars aligned and after an interview with owner Cherie Montoya and former wine director, Amy Haas, I was hired and instantly fell in love with this establishment. 


Farm & Table is situated on a property with a history dating back two hundred years. It served as a stagecoach stop alongel Camino Real, which was the original trade route between Mexico City and Santa Fe. Cherie’s father saved the property from development in the 1980s and the ambiance is like that of no other establishment in our city. We work with over 65 local farms and food purveyors, including Sol Harvest Farm, our on-site farm which is visible from the patio. Farm & Table’s dedication to local food and respect to those who make our community so wonderful, are just a few of the reasons that I am extremely proud to represent this establishment.


In addition to the locality of the cuisine, we are blessed with a thriving beer and growing wine industry in a state with a viticultural history that is arguably the oldest in the U.S. We offer libations from around the world as well as from local breweries like Marble and Bosque, as well as local wineries such as Gruet, Sheehan Family Winery, and Milagro. Pairing wine and beer with the culinary wizardry of our head chef Carrie Eagle is a dream come true. I beam with gratification to be part of this team as we showcase the finest produce from this enchanting state. I encourage you to come and enjoy the Farm & Table experience, as we will host numerous events in which neighborhood food and fermented beverage will be king!



James Krajewski

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